Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Tax Services This is just one of our areas of expertise. With over 1300 satisfied clients there is never a tax situation, problem or tax return we have not been able to prepare, fix, or negotiate. We have seen it all in our 40 years experience.
Tax Problems On all of the tax returns mentioned in the tax services section, we are expert at resolving problems as long as you have not ignored repeated requests from the IRS or state taxation departments. Those take longer to resolve but they are not impossible.
Business Formation Tired of your job, your boss, feel dead ended, unappreciated, disrespected, or under utilized? We know the feeling.
Real Estate Services We are a full service real estate brokerage. We list properties and sell properties through personal listing service agreements and through Multiple Listing Services.

Bell Financial Services & Real Estate

Taxes in America are difficult, confusing and take up a lot of your time. We eliminate all the guesswork, we eliminate the confusion, help you understand what is going on and we don't take up a lot of your time in doing so for you.

Technology has made all the difference in the world. You can now photograph and text us your documents, OR you can scan and email them to us, OR you can snail mail them to us, OR you can call and schedule a traditional sit down appointment.

Lastly, if you prefer to DO IT YOURSELF you can use the IRS website's Prepare Your Return Online function and do it right here for under $60.00.

How it works: Just pick from the methods mentioned above and transmit or bring your documents to us. We then notify you that we have them. We then prepare the return and call you for any missing items or missing information. We review the results with you, make any necessary changes, and then have you sign the authorizations in person or electronically. Then we take payment via check, cash, or credit card and electronically file the return. Your refund goes right into the an account of your choice.

Pricing: Giving More In Value Than We Take In Payment

Our pricing is very fair, especially when compared to our competition.

Pricing is as follows and INCLUDES DIRECT DEPOSIT AND E-FILE:

  • Do it yourselfUnder $60.00
  • Single, no children, no education credits, 1-2 W2s$85.00
  • Single or Head of household, 1-2 children, Earned Income Credit, 1-2 W2's$125.00
  • Own a house add$60.00
  • Married, children, own a house, 2-3 W2's, bank interest, 1-2 stock sales$190.00
  • Married, same as above with 3 or more stock transactions, or a rental property$240.00
  • Single or Married with a job or two, with kids or not but you or your wife run a small part time business out of your home on the side$380.00
  • Corporate Returns Federal and State$500.00
  • Fiduciary Returns Federal and State$500.00
  • Partnership, LLC, LLP, etc. Federal and State$500.00

Mike Bell
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